funP Innovation Group has completed the recruitment of 2018 Management Associate Program.

funP Innovation Group’s has completed the 5th Management Associate recruitment today. The 2 months’ selection processes include seminar, application review and interview. These 7 Management Associates will report for duty in July and begin their 2 months’ training program. funP Group will provide comprehensive development plans and on-the-job training to boost their potential of digital marketing.
2018 funP Management Associate Program has hold 4 seminars and each of them were almost full. This year was the first time for funP to hold seminar at National Cheng Kung University in Tainan. Participants were so passionate that make recruiting staff very impressed. Application numbers has also reached a new all-time high to 500. Many of them were new masters’ and bachelors’ graduates from famous university domestic and foreign. Their majors were more diversified than before including Business Management, Finance, Mass Communications, Social, Art…and etc. Interviewers said it was much more difficult than before to pick only 7 candidates among these talents. However, this make Interviewers see that the digital marketing industry has more potential in the future.
Among this time, we would appreciate every applicant’s interests in funP Group. We wish you the best of luck in all of your future career.