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CacaFly Has Won The Adm Award “The Digital Agency Of The Year”

cacaFly has won the adm award “The Digital Agency of the Year”

cacaFly has won the adm prize
“The Digital Agency of the Year”



By the advertising magazine set up the “The Digital Agency of the Year” award, this year by the cacaFly! Rolling stone culture advertising magazine since 1993 for the previous year, Taiwan advertising agencies in advertising, creativity, strategy, business performance, the election of the annual situation of several agents and other awards. This year after the various agents vote and advertising magazine editorial department long-term observation and actual visit years, the annual situation in 2016 agents by the cacaFly stand out and selected!

“We are very happy and honored to have the support and trust of many customers, so that we can go all out for their brand to move forward, grow steadily, expect the future to continue,” said Nathan, CEO of cacaFly. To serve you, grow together and innovate, and invite us to give us advice.

Rolling culture and magazine in August 1817 issue of special reports, the article excerpts are as follows: Although cacaFly has a firm footing, but Nathan still continue to pursue progress. As the development of the Taiwan media platform is not much, profit and control are concentrated in a small number of international manufacturers, Nathan that Taiwan’s local content and the establishment of the real estate industry chain, is the future opportunities and challenges. “We are available from the bottom of the real-time bid, to the top of the native video and multimedia ads, and the problem is to work with publisher, hoping to complete the whole system in Taiwan,” he said. Although Nathan found the gap, but also see the expectations of the future, he continued to encourage peers: the Taiwan market is not the largest, but not the smallest, focusing on “local consumption” capacity, only sustained industry, in order to maintain market cycles and creative humanities Of independence.

Ad Magazine Complete Report:

service combination technology cacaFly based on the media dealer leader

success is not overnight from the past accumulated experience

digital advertising first class cacaFly provide good quality service



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