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About funP

funP Innovation Group, also known as funP Group, is a Taiwan digital marketing group, founded in 2007 by Nathan Chu. In the start-up stage, is a leading web. 2.0 website of bookmarks and tweets. After transformation with the change of digital market, funP has become digital marketing company provides digital advertising sales, consulting and technology development. Currently funP Innovation Group is Taiwan’s largest digital media group.

Group Network

funP’s digital marketing company includes cacaFly, adHub, TenMax, BeingDigital. Based in Taiwan, funP today has successfully launched operations in Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam to provide integrated digital marketing services.
Our partners:Facebook、Google、YouTube、Instagram、LINE、Microsoft、Twitch、TenMax、Spotify

funPro Academy

With the rapid changes in digital media and technology, digital marketing is already a learning science that is growing and progressing at any time. Whether it is a veteran or a novice in this industry, we must always seize the opportunity to continue to learn and improve, in order to fully grasp the latest technology and trends, to achieve the highest marketing results.

Our advantage

Breadth: cross-media and cross-industry

  • Experience across all major media advertising campaigns (Facebook, Google, LINE, Spotify, Instagram, etc.)
  • Digital marketing experience across all types of industries

Depth: years of practical experience

  • cacaFly advertising Operation
  • adHub advertising management
  • TenMax advertising System Development
  • BeingDigital Community Marketing

International market experience




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